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at the end of this day
established a pact 
made for all nations

changed the fact
how grace and salvation
made possible with pain

the Lamb’s shed blood
poured and rained
down that hill of mud

gave all He had
on Golgotha’s hill
the place of the skull

that we could soar
empty lives made full
cries & roar

just a few years back
locked in a cage
choking on rage

today a visit
a bro in a hospital bed
neither one dead

playing guitar for the King
mixing sound…singing
liberation ringing

at the Vineyard tonight
everything’s alright
thank you Jesus

for dying on that rock
opening the lock
silencing our wail

renting the veil
all doubt diminished
gasping…”it is finished”

t. hurley 2013



t. hurley 2013

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