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“Daddy…make the bad men stop”

Ah, yes. Though frustrating at times…here’s why it’s good to never lose thou cool….

  • HAT ID: 0235DE02-4798-4A12-91BA-283004ED863A
  • Problem: I’ve now ordered Blast Plus twice and my self-install kit has still not arrived…why?
  • Myka JD > Hello Timothy, Thank you for contacting Comcast Live Chat Support. My name is Myka JD. Please give me one moment to review your information.
  • Timothy > My Issue: I’ve now ordered Blast Plus twice and my self-install kit has still not arrived…why?
  • Myka JD > Hope you are doing well today, Timothy. I see here though that you are following up on the status of your equipment for internet service.
  • Timothy > Yes I am
  • Myka JD > I’ll be very glad to check on this for you here. Let us have your account verified first though.
  • Myka JD > I can see here that you have already provided some account information before the chat. For security purposes, may I also please ask for the last four of the SSN on the account as everything else matches?
  • Timothy > For the umpteenth time its 6—
  • Timothy > the account # is 0955811596—. It’s a sorry testimony that I can remember that number and not the birthdates of my sons. O’ God forgive me.
  • Myka JD > Thank you very much for that.
  • Myka JD > I am now on your account, Tim.
  • Timothy > and I still don’t have my self install kit…after three weeks. wassup wid dat G?
  • Timothy > hello?  Am I talking to myself? Would not be the first time. 
  • Myka JD > No you are talking to Myka. Who is G? I checked here and there is indeed an open order on the account for Blast Plus upgrade. I am however, unable to track the equipment. I want to make sure this is addressed best, I can connect you to my partners at the Sales department to double check this further.
  • Myka JD > Sorry for the delay.
  • Myka JD > Will a transfer over to our Sales department be alright so they can double check the status of the equipment further from their end?
  • Timothy > fine…though I’ve been through all this before
  • Myka JD > Thank you, Tim. I’ll connect the chat now to them. You will see a message that says I have “left the room”; however, you will still be connected to the next available agent. Please just keep the chat window open and remain online. Will hit the TRANSFER BUTTON now so you may see me leave the chat. Bye for now and enjoy your day!
  • Myka JD > Please wait, while the problem is escalated to another analyst
  • Nepheline > Welcome! You reached Order Entry Department. At your service, you can call me, Nepheline. How are you doing today?
  • Timothy > very frustrated with Comcast
  • Nepheline > My apologies for the frustration this issue has caused you. I’m going to do everything I can to resolve this with you today.
  • Nepheline > Let me check your address and see if there is pending work order.
  • Timothy > lets start with why my self-install kit has not arrived in over three weeks after ordering it twice
  • Nepheline > I will be checking on this, Timothy.
  • Nepheline > This is request this over the chat?
  • Timothy > pardon?
  • Nepheline > Sorry, did you order or request this through chat?
  • Timothy > no…twice I was instructed to call. The 2nd time, the rep said my order had been cancelled. I did not cancel it. They re-ordered the kit and it still has not arrived
  • Timothy > I’m tired of this. give me a confirmation #, cancel the $9.95 ccharge and I’ll go pick it up myself.
  • Nepheline > I am really sorry for this, Timothy.
  • Timothy > me too Neph
  • Nepheline > Timothy, I am still looking up your order
  • Nepheline > Please bear with me while I am still looking on your order.
  • Nepheline > Please stay on the chat while I am glad checking this for you. While waiting let me share to you our Comcast Customer Guarantee.
  • Nepheline > We are so confident in our products and services that we want you to try them – risk free. If you’re not satisfied and wish to cancel service for any reason, you can do so in the first 30 days and get your money back.
  • Nepheline > Timothy, when you called and order your service, were you provided a confirmation number or your Comcast account number?
  • Timothy > I do not recall and if I did I won’t look it up
  • Nepheline > Timothy, I have opened now your pending order.
  • Timothy > ok
  • Nepheline > As you stated earlier, you want your equipment to be pick up in your local office, is this correct?
  • Timothy > yes
  • Nepheline > Timothy, I can send this on Priority Shipment if you wish me to process this for you.
  • Nepheline > I will leave a note to credit any charge that will reflect in your bill
  • Nepheline > You can also copy our chat transcript for future reference
  • Timothy > if you can assure me it will arrive this time, I’d rather not have to go get it as I’m on disability.
  • Nepheline > Timothy, may I ask if how much was the Blast Internet speed offered to you when you order this service?
  • Timothy > 79/month
  • Timothy > 15-29 megs
  • Timothy > no wait…15-20
  • Timothy > I DO NOT WANT the lower speed
  • Timothy > right now I get around 22 megs download speed
  • Nepheline > Timothy, I will be processing here the Blast Internet speed for $29.99 for 6 months, after 6 months, thats the time you will have 79/month.
  • Timothy > ok
  • Nepheline > Do you have your own modem?
  • Timothy > yes
  • Nepheline > If you have your own modem, we can just activate your service.
  • Nepheline > Please stay on the chat and check on this further if is this possible.
  • Timothy > Right now I’m paying 62.95 for internet alone. I do not have the comcast box for tv
  • Timothy > I already have the internet…not the TV
  • Nepheline > Yes, Timothy.
  • Nepheline > Oh, I see. May I ask what was your original order?
  • Timothy > what?
  • Nepheline > What KIT did you order?
  • Nepheline > Is this the D3 Modem?
  • Timothy > I started with the introductory of 29/month…then Comcast more than doubled the charge. Then I ordered blast plus more than three weeks ago to get the TV. I’m running with my own internet modem. I need the comcast self-install kit to get the TV.
  • Nepheline > Oh, I see. Please stay on the chat and I will reprocess your order and have it shipped right away.
  • Timothy > ok…groovy
  • Nepheline > I will be processing Blast Plus, this is Blast Internet with Digital Economy
  • Nepheline > This package is only for $49.99 for 6 months. Regular price for this package is $79.95
  • Timothy > good looking out Neph! we are making progress…as long as my internet speed does not drop
  • Nepheline > You will get your Digital box tomorrow. This shipment is overnight.
  • Timothy > Thank you
  • Nepheline > Your order has been fullfilled. Before we finish up, I’d like you to take a minute to review what we have done for you today. We have reprocessed your order to Blast Plus for $49.99 x 6 months. Shipment is Priority. You will have the Digital box tomorrow, 8/24, 2012 Confirmation # 44—-734
  • Timothy > hallelujah
  • Nepheline > Sorry, You will have the Digital box tomorrow, 8/14, 2012
  • Nepheline > Confirmation # 44—-734
  • Timothy > amen
  • Nepheline > Timothy, we are very sorry for a very long wait. I will be upset also if this will happen to me.
  • Nepheline > I guarantee that you will love it once we have it installed.
  • Nepheline > I’m glad I was able to help you. Do you have any other questions or concerns I can help you with today? I will be more glad to assist you further.
  • Timothy > being in love is a good thang…just assure me that my internet speed will not drop and hit me with the specs for the Blast Plus package and TV channels
  • Nepheline > Timothy, for Blast Internte, you will need a D3 modem
  • Nepheline > I have checked your own modem and you have the D2 modem.
  • Nepheline > Blast Internet Download speeds up to 30 Mbps and uploads up to 6 Mbps with PowerBoost®!
  • Timothy > Bummer. That’s pretty bogue.  Just another tease I sees. how much is the D3 modem?
  • Nepheline > Let me check on this
  • Timothy > I don’t want to pay a monthly modem charge because it’s an exorbitant rip-off to the maximal maximum…will I maintain my current speed with the D2?
  • Nepheline > Yes, Timothy
  • Nepheline > But if you want to reach the Blast Internet speed, D3 modem is what you will need
  • Timothy > I need the full Monty as I’m a recovering addict. what does it cost?
  • Nepheline > Usually it cost $100
  • Nepheline > What I can suggest is to buy it in Best Buy, you can see a lower price for D3 modem
  • Nepheline > You can check this out to see if your device is compatible with Comcast.
  • Nepheline >
  • Timothy > OK, thank you….that’s the price of a gram of blow…no problem. I’ll score my own. For now, Let’s just roll with the introductory Blast Plus @ 49/month for the 1st six months. If I get a modem from Best Buy, then I just call Comcast? Right?
  • Nepheline > No, Timothy. You can buy it in Best Buy and you can get is lesser
  • Timothy > Ah…yeah…explain again please. I think we’re on the same page
  • Nepheline > You can buy it in Best buy store
  • Timothy > right…it’s ultimately less than renting it from Comcast…is what you meant?
  • Nepheline > If you wan to have your own device, you can buy it in Best Buy because most of their equipment is Comcast compatible
  • Nepheline > *want
  • Timothy > understood my mello…but my road dog Kelly hipped me to this cat in Troy named Eli, so I’ll see if he’s holding.
  • Nepheline > And it is cheaper as what I know compared to other Computer shop
  • Timothy > now…have you already switched me over to the Blast Plus speed?
  • Nepheline > Yes, Timothy
  • Timothy > Great…then when I get a modem from Eli or Best Buy…what do I have to do? Just install it?
  • Nepheline > I have noted in your account that you had ordered this few days ago yet the digital box has not arrived yet.
  • Timothy > Are you going to have the $9.95 shipping for my trouble?
  • Nepheline > Connect the device and please chat back with us so that we can activate your D3 modem with your Blast Internet.
  • Timothy > “Waive” the charge is what I meant
  • Nepheline > Yes, Timothy. I have it noted.
  • Timothy > You rock like a rock star
  • Nepheline > You are most welcome!
  • Nepheline > Do you have any questions that I can help you with? I will be more glad to assist you further.
  • Timothy > You are a consummate professional
  • Nepheline > Again, our apologies for this trouble that has cause you.
  • Timothy > As long as the digital box arrives tomorrow and my price is now $49.99 month for six months for internet at 30mbps and Basic cable…I’ve gone from being frustrated to being satisfied, satiated, grateful and in love.
  • Nepheline > Yes, that is right. Tomorrow will be the arrival of your Digital box.
  • Timothy > OK…one more question. when will I see the lower price reflected online in my account?
  • Nepheline > You will see once your service is activated already.
  • Nepheline > Thats the time that you will be chatting with us to activate your TV service
  • Nepheline > Please chat back with us once you get the box sot hat w
  • Nepheline > Please chat back with us once you get the box so that we can activate your TV service.
  • Timothy > So once the box arrives, I need to call Comcast…got it.
  • Nepheline > You can just simply chat back with us because we need to get the serial number of your digital box and register it in your account. By then, we can activate your Cable TV service
  • Timothy > And if I go get a D3 modem today…Comcast can activate both at the same time…right?
  • Nepheline > Yes, Timothy, that is correct.
  • Nepheline > Do you have any questions that I can help you with? I will be more glad to assist you further.
  • Timothy > No Nepheline, we’re good to go…thank you. Tell you what. I’ll do the online survey and give you high marks AFTER the digital box arrives tomorrow…deal?
  • Nepheline > Deal, Timothy, thank you so much.
  • Nepheline > Thank you very much for your time and patience. It certainly has been my pleasure to assist you today. This should completely resolve your issue and there should be no more additional steps needed.
  • Timothy > Can you send a transcript of this chat to my email @
  • Nepheline > Oh, sorry, yet our tools are limited only and we are able to email. Howvever, you can copy our chat transcript.
  • Timothy > ok…I’ll do that.may need it for an evidentiary hearing in circuit court. just kidding…not.  Goodbye.
  • Nepheline > After this chat, on the top the screen, or window, you can see Copy Chat Trancript. Please click on the button to save our Chat
  • Timothy > ok thanks
  • Nepheline > You are most welcome!
  • Nepheline > I had a wonderful time speaking with you today. Should you need our assistance again, remember it is our guarantee to be available to answer questions at your convenience, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Comcast also offers great FAQ and Help forums located at here to help you solve many issues on your own. You can also reach us at 1-800-9346489 or 1-800-XFINITY.
  • Timothy> Trusting it was as good for you as it was for me. Really want a cigarette right now. You are the absolute bomb of all bombs….God bless your heart.  


  1. Rick says:

    All your pain-in-the-asses aside, these are a ‘blast’ (pun intended) and very informative to read and follow. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Tim Hurley says:

    Yeah…after reading it today, I thought about some sorry-ass Syrian who’s going to get a bullet in the head from some sniper before the sun sets. My problems are of the gold-plated variety Rick. On the other hand, Comcast does not advertise specials like High Speed Internet @ 30 mbps and Cable TV for 49 bones a month. So you guys and gals can jump all over that deal like a crack whore at a two-fer’ sale. 🙂

    P.S. As Neph promised, the kit arrived today. Upon opening it, the unit is a repackaged used one lacking an HDMI output that the directions clearly indicate is there. Grrrr. Now I “get” to go over to Delemere St. and throw down with Comcast. I’ll bitch and pout like Michael Jackson being escorted from a day care center until they give the Hurls a proper unit to maximize the efficacy of my gargantuan A/V system. Amen?

  3. Rick says:

    Another failure on their part! WTF! So much for the squeaky wheel getting the grease. Of course, non of this is Neph’s fault. She deserve’s a gold star, Comcast deserves a kick in the corporate cajones!

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