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Roy Buchanan

What the hell is going on? God…this is just awful.  Who among us ever once thought about getting popped in a movie theater?  This sucks so bad it’s beyond words.  After listening to the Prez address the nation today about how precious life is, I drove straight to Home Depot to give my oldest son a hug.

Jesus..please help Aurora.

Started the day…wait…yesterday never ended.  Been on a bender of sorts, and it ain’t the fun kind.  These post-stroke steroids are kicking my ass.  Can’t sleep and have been rolling with a very uncomfortable and aggressive spirit.  It’s not cool at all.  I feel like ripping off someone’s head and defecating in their neck…just on GP.  What’s that about? Guys who “juice” are morons.  This stuff sucks.  Only five more days of this “cure”.  Until then, I just cleaned the apartment in 3 hours.

But I digress…again.

Sold my old 210e Taylor to a nice couple from another Vineyard church this morning. Though very grateful for the upgrade to an 816ce, it was sort of a melancholy affair. The old guitar meant an awful lot to the Hurls.  Father used that ax as an instrument to bring back this prodigal into the worship zone.  It plays better today then when brand new.  Anyway, at least some schmuck off of Craig’s List didn’t get it.

So there we were in their living room out in Almont, Michigan…a picturesque little burg if ever there was one. Never having met them before, we connected immediately on a heart level and played some tunes together. We meshed so well, they invited me back to play at the Almont Vineyard some time. That’s cool.

We shook hands, consummated the deal, and then one of those red lights to pause hit.

Hey…would you guys mind praying for me?”

For some stupid reason, that’s always been a tough one. They were troopers and immediately assented with pleasure. It was a gentle & sovereign time in their living room as Abba did His thing. It was just a simple prayer for peace and release of the tension and rage boiling underneath the surface.  At one point, a prayer was offered that whatever was blocking up the influent pipeline to the soul– to be removed so that peace which surpasses all understanding could rush in like a flood. Well, barring a torrent of relief, Father is teaching me the theology of pain and how not to be a punk as trickles of His grace have hit Lincoln Ave. this afternoon.

Toward the end of our time of prayer, I broke like a twig and cried in the presence of relative strangers.

What freedom….what grace.

Coming home to a crib that was starting to take on crackhouse chic, I tore into cleaning it like a raped ape on meth. Then it was time to write back to a friend on FB to follow-up on something she shared last night.

    • 21 hours ago
    • How are you feeling? I had some if those mini strokes a few years ago.

      Hope you’re getting better.


  • Tim Hurley
21 hours ago

Tim Hurley

  • Right out of the hospital, I went to get caught up on all things internet. Girl, in two cases, I went  OFF in a ballistic manner on some folks in emails, only to learn that I could not have been more wrong.

    So…in answer to your question, the convalescent period is important and I need to be kind and gentle with Tim. All in all, my BP is down, but my left mouth is still droopy; can’t close my left eye; and the ol’ sugar levels are doing a lap dance on my system. Put in perspective and compared to some of the stuff we’ve been through, these are minor problems….but still, it’s bugging the heck out of me.

    Other than that…things are great !!!!!

  • 19 hours ago

    Karen F___

    • Tim, you give a lot of energy and drive…always seeking to do right by God by serving others. It’s a beautiful thing and has its own reward. Maybe it’s time to slow down a bit and look out for you….for once…..for just a little bit, recuperate and then get back to kicking butt.

      You shoulder a lot.

  • Tim Hurley

    18 hours ago

    Tim Hurley

    • good word…thanks Karen. It’s hard to do “slow”.

  • Tim Hurley

    4 hours ago

    Tim Hurley

    • BTW Karen,

      This is to thank you for your last message again that invoked some tears. It really meant a lot. This morning was spent with a couple who prayed with me in their living room. It was short, sweet & sovereign as they asked for the grace to release the tension and aggression brought on by the steroids. They also suggested to back off and just chill…at least for the next five days I’ll be on this stuff. No sleep plus rage equals a real serenity stretching week.

      You’re the best.


  • 4 hours ago

    Karen F____

    • Awww, now I want to cry. You are a great and dedicated servant and I have always known you to be doing for others, which is part of Christ’s message, now he wants you to allow others to do for you. Relax, chill….and trust. Five days is not that long, I know you feel the need to get up and do things, things need tended to but allow God to do his work.

      xoxo karen

  • Tim Hurley

    4 hours ago

    Tim Hurley

    • Amen K…thanks

      On that note, it’s a good thang to do a King James “Chilleth”.

      Seeing as how I feel like the Hulk at an MC5 concert…akin to standing in front of a Lion cage wearing a pork chop suit coat, it’s best to take some of the counsel I’d effectively express to another, and applying it on this end.

      Compared to what happened in Aurora today, my little problems are of the gold-plated variety.

      Hug your kids today.

      On my way over to my youngest son Josh for a visit, swim & a hug.

      Only You

      (Can Breath In Us New Life)



  1. Margie says:

    Hey Timbola!
    Ditto everything Karen said. I love how us sisters respond to you, I was going to say big sisters then realized I’m way older but Karen may be younger than you. Anyhow, when I was given steroids to take for arthritis I asked Dr.if I was going to grow biceps and buff out, he said no, those are a different steroid.
    I have refused to take them since no matter how much pain I’m having because they affected me the exact same way. Like taking ‘drugs’ but not the desired effect, just the opposite. The edginess was the worst.
    Ride it out, it’ll get better. Stay plugged in with your positive peeps…

    • Tim Hurley says:

      You sistah’s are the best! (Cue up Wayne & Garth meeting Aerosmith) “I’M NOT WORTHY!” Will ride the tiger Margelicious now sweetly buffered by a killer visit with my son Josh taday. I’m so grateful. The other thing ‘roids do is to engender a real magnified sense of emotions. It’s like trippin’ without the cid.

  2. Rick says:

    Does God work in mysterious ways? Damn straight He does. Who’d a thunk that a guitar for cash transaction would eventually lead to a prayer session where the Hurls is brought to tears by the precious words from complete strangers? No one! Amen. God is good.

    I was on steroids back when I was still working. WOW was I one angry dude. I did my best not to get over vocal during meetings with the higher ups. Not fun. Also had to warn Teri a time or two that I was feeling angry and couldn’t stop the feeling from ‘taking over’. Shot my glucose levels up as well.

    Get well and stay well, brother. You are in my prayers.

    • Tim Hurley says:

      As we say in the “D”…that’s how Dad be doin’ us. These ‘roids are a real mofo and you’re right. Keeping a lid on the glucose has been a trip. Been shootin’ insulin like a smackhead looking for an angry fix…without the buzz. Thanks for the prayer & taking the time to read and respond to my rant brother. It means a lot.

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