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After Graduation

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One Friday night, we broke into the factory of the employer we were working at (real bright) stole the blank company checks and paymaster printer, and went on a check cashing binge throughout the weekend. Flushed with a successful heist, the only way we’d get busted is if we kept going through Monday after the business reopened…which we did. Rick (who was later killed after getting stabbed in a Detroit drug house and jumping out a window) got busted trying to cash one of the checks. Thinking he would rat us out, I went to Mary Jo and confessed to being strung out on heroin at the ripe old age of 18. Mom was indeed heartbroken but gave my sister the money for a plane ticket to California. The part about having a jones was true, but I may have omitted the part about why it became necessary to “Get Out Of Denver”. That is how I ended up in Synanon.


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