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A Beautiful Exchange

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First heard this song one early morning while at the Adrian Regional Hotel in room 117, bunk B. While listening to it, Father used that moment to exchange despair for hope. Just shared this with barutha’ Bill Keaton at his pad. We wept like men are supposed to.



You’re so right Richard G Golpe, as much as I love the music of Springsteen, when a song with an anointing on it like this one hits the soul, the capacity for a beautiful exchange transcending the limitations of this world becomes manifested for the receiving.


I laughed out loud when reading your post Al Sharosy. My sentiments exactly. If this one won’t light your pilot, I’m not sure what will. It was about one year into my sabattical when this jam permeated the cell. While lying on a 1″ thick plastic mattress over a slab of cold metal, the warmth of God’s love was exchanged for the despair of incarceration. There’s just no other way to put it. Some may scoff, but those that know my heart know I don’t bullshit about stuff like this. It was pretty heavy-duty and served as a catalytic turning point God used as preparation for the door to freedom.


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