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Personally speaking, resolutions made on New Year’s Eve are doomed to failure when emanating from self. Kudos and mad props to those that sent messages of encouragement over the last year. Perhaps 2012 will be a breakout year for many. Having blown it badly in the past, when writing something to post, I try to remain cognizant of the fact that for every one response or “like”, there may be 10-30 who just read and may or may not be smiling. They are known as FB “lurkers”. To that end, I just try to keep it real in a graceless age where discourse and prose are oft times sacrificed on the cyberspace altar for exhibitionism and sound bytes. A New Year’s Eve is a good time for inventory and reflection. Because 95% of my valleys have been self-induced, I’m no victim. Every day is a gift. Having lived a fairly “textured” life, there is nothing left to lose. While there’s a great freedom in having nothing to hide, that approach is not for everyone. For reasons that defy human logic, God has seen fit to pour out His grace to put Humpty-Dumpty back together again, one-day-at-a-time. For that, I’m grateful. My prayer is that you & yours experience God as your Father on a deeper level this year. FB is merely a means by which to comfort those with the comfort received. While I take that mission seriously, it’s incumbent not to take oneself very seriously during the discharge of said duties. Some days, that’s a fine tightrope to walk. To those that were hurt by a lack of discretion or grace on my part during the last year, please accept my heartfelt amends. A goal for this year is to get off my ass, write more, live more and love more. God bless your hearts and have a great New Year brethren & sistren.


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